The Newest Member of the Jackass Crew…

Check out the wild dancer at minute 2:45 in the latest Weezer video. And guess who shot that segment?

An actor friend of mine came over for lunch yesterday and told me that these days it’s all about the slash.

“They want you to have slashes,” she told me. “Director/writer/producer/alligator wrestler. The more the better.”

So I can now add cinematographer to writer/performer/rock mom/baker-of-vegan-delights/knitter-of-ugly-scarves/ukulele player.

I love this video. And not just because I get to add a slash. I think it really captures the joyful vibe of the day. It was a great party. It’s a great song. My men are adorable. Rock on.

2 thoughts on “The Newest Member of the Jackass Crew…

  1. Jill-I just finished your book. You knocked it out of the park!! I’m glad you found your voice. I’ll be thinking about your book for a long time. Best wishes for you and your family. If you haven’t already, don’t give up on your dad just yet…after all stranger things have happened, eh? Be well.
    A Fan.

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