This is How I Take Time Off


I need to change up my work routine (after I finish these novel revisions) before Scott starts stapling padding to my office walls. I’m a goal-oriented kind of gal and I don’t do down time very well, so I’m hopping off the hamster wheel and straight onto the treadmill. I just downloaded the L.A. Road Runners Marathon Training Guide. I’ve vowed to run the “next” marathon every year for the last fifteen years and have never managed to train past five miles. I’m hoping that maybe some of the physical and mental obstacles I was facing have lifted and this time will be different.

It’s always hard to approach something at which you’ve failed before with a beginner’s mind. But what other choice do you have, really? Maybe this will be my year. Hold me to it.

Who’s with me?

7 thoughts on “This is How I Take Time Off

  1. if you have time, consider joining a team in training. i was a member of the leukemia and lymphoma team in training a few years ago and completed a marathon with them. it was flexible and i could slack off if i felt like it, but i rarely did since i had scores of teammates and coaches on my case if i didnt show for a few consecutive practices. plus, once i started collecting money from friends and family for the cause, i felt obligated to follow through. its peer pressure at its finest! you can do it….good luck!

  2. If you run it in 2012, I’m there…(and I’m here to say that if I can do it, you most certainly can…I finished the LA marathon in 2006)

  3. Oh, god, that’s so me. Last summer I was trying to get to 10, got to 6, and stopped. running. altogether. Good plan. Now that my sweet small people are back in school, I’ve vowed to try again. I’m thinking Galloway (do you know of him?) method, since though I’ve been pumping blood through my veins, I have definitely NOT been running, and he’s a run/walk guy. But I’ll check out the LA guide, too. Are you planning to do LA? Or a different race?

  4. Good Luck Jillian!!! My partner and I have recently started running again and as tough as it is, I’ve finally gotten into the mindset where at the end of a long hard day I actually look forward to a run. I get to listen to some awesome tunes, get some exercise with my boyfriend and clear my head of everything I’ve been thinking about all day. So amazing! I hope it’s as great for you!

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