Someone Told Them We Were Coming


This was the sign outside of the door to our hotel when we went back to Toledo for a weekend to visit some of Scott’s friends and family. It was fun to bring T-Bone to see his grandparents, a proper autumn and the house in which his dad grew up, to mention a few of the highlights.


Travel seems to have gotten progressively harder, though. What happened to my little nomad? He loves take-off and landing, but he starts asking for home the minute we get off the plane. Just when I think I have something figured out about T, it changes. It’s a great exercise in flexibility and living in the moment. That said, I think I’ll opt to live in the moment in L.A. with him for a while.


One thought on “Someone Told Them We Were Coming

  1. I know this is a random comment coming from someone who has never left a comment before on your blog, BUT….

    That first picture cracked me up. I live in ultra-hippieville (nestled in the mountains of Colorado) and about shat myself when I went back home to Kansas and saw those signs everywhere. EVERYWHERE. WHAT?!

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