Truth and Honesty


On Wednesday, I spoke at an event at Diesel Books with Hope Edelman and Meghan Daum. Thanks to all the folks who came out on a rainy Tuesday night. It’s a real thrill to be included on a panel with such talented colleagues. Diane Leslie moderated and the theme was “A Night of Radical Honesty.” We talked mostly about the tricky nature of honesty in memoir writing and how we each grappled with the concept.

Hope made an interesting point about distinguishing between truth and honesty, defining truth as factual accuracy and honesty as emotional authenticity. Regardless of the semantics, I think that the distinction is essential to locate when one is dealing with both highly charged personal material and the imperative to tell a good story.

Other highlights: Hope served her signature Possibilitinis (her new book is The Possibility of Everything) along with cheesecake and filmmaker Maryam Heinen showed up with an agate power necklace for me. You can see it in the pic above. Isn’t it fabulous?

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  1. Hi Jillian, we met at the event in Brentwood. Do you want to get together and talk sometime? Or on the phone? I live in Newport. I’m the one who was also in a harem and I want to tell you my story, as I loved yours.. Thank you for your generous spirit and direct and loving honesty. Jill

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