Vegas, Baby!

Here’s an interview Rolling Stone did with Scott and Rivers after the show at The Mirage in Vegas on Friday night. If you’re reading this on facebook, you’ll have to get your tail over to my blog to see it.

And if you’re wondering who was sitting in the seat on the opposite side of the limo, wonder no more:


Friday night was one of those private jet The Song Remains the Same kind of nights that are an occasional perk of Scott’s job. I try to remind myself to remember these moments when I’m an old lady with smeary tattoos and my boobs in my lap.



At the after-party, I tried to convince Scott that he should start a fight or I should dance on the table or something, but he didn’t feel like getting hit and even though I don’t drink, I couldn’t bring myself to kick over a good bottle of vodka. So we sat docilely with the Jackass guys while drinking soda water and eating complimentary breath mints. Never let it be said that the Shriners don’t know how to party.

Seriously, even when the trappings and the PR machine can feel kind of like a Saturday Night Live parody (more cowbell!), I never lose sight of the privilege that it truly is to share my life with a professional musician. I feel lucky to be able to raise a child around this much music.



Now it’s back into Monday morning sweatpants and back to work…

One thought on “Vegas, Baby!

  1. Okay…
    A) You guys are a hot couple.
    B) I’m call smeary tattoos, “Antique Body Art”, inching me closer to getting one anyway. And…
    C) Where did Scott get his kilt? I not only want one. I NEED one.

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