The Pictures You Didn’t Know You Were Waiting to See


The Japanese call it kawaii, and we are all about it round here. The Halloween cuteness at Castle Shriner was enough to put you into a diabetic coma. We dressed as a circus family, with T as the baby strongman, Scott as the ringmaster and yours truly as the girl on the flying trapeze.




I don’t throw all that many parties, mostly because I get all bourgie and competitive about table linens and it winds up giving me social anxiety and massive self-loathing. But I do shelve the self-loathing long enough to throw a Halloween party every year.



Our hood is Halloween heaven. This year we got over 800 trick-or-treaters and we went all out to show the kids a good time. Our rocket scientist friend Steve played the Theremin on the porch and we got the whole fog machine and spooky lighting thing going. We even had some awesome ghost performance art in the graveyard.


I considered not having the party, because we’ve been having some real challenges with T-bone’s aggressive behavior in response to over-stimulation. I was terrified that I’d spend the whole night trying to get my little vampire not to bite every piece of exposed flesh at the party. Then a neighbor of mine said, “When you have a sensitive kid, you can either put your whole life on hold or you can try to find solutions to help him deal.”



I took the advice to heart and decided to go ahead with the festivities and try to find solutions to help T enjoy himself (and us along with him). The first thing I did was hire a babysitter to stay with him the whole night, so I could be sure that he was safe and that he wasn’t going to start pitching the dishware across the room the minute my back was turned. I also set up a quiet room for him upstairs, with toys and books (and his Gabba DVDs, of course). That way he had somewhere to go when he got overwhelmed. I kind of can’t believe it, but it worked beautifully.


I love Halloween and I spent a lot of years handing out candy and waiting for the day I could trick-or-treat with my own kid. We made it all the way up the block and back and it was bliss. Truly it was. T has no idea what candy is, but he sure enjoyed visiting all the neighbors and saying, “trick-or-treat.” If that’s not kawaii, I’ll eat my Hello Kitty backpack.


Also extremely kawaii- our friend Ricky came dressed as Scott:


6 thoughts on “The Pictures You Didn’t Know You Were Waiting to See

  1. Love this post!! We’re big Halloween people too (we built a sunken pirate ship in our front yard this year!) We have a sensitive kid too….we should talk. (!) xoxo K

  2. Jillian,

    I so loved seeing these pictures. Y’all are such a gorgeous family. The picture of Tariku and the pumpkins melted my heart, and I’m still trying to scoop it up off the floor ;-). He looks so happy. “Something to cling to happiness, the least and best of human attainments.” — Frank O’Hara

    Love to you all.

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