Where to Begin


Where to begin- the adorable Halloween pictures or the Prince’s lurid sex statues that I’ve been asked to comment on in the press for the last few days? The juxtaposition of the different elements of my life reaches comic proportions often lately. Two days ago, I was on the phone with the New York Post as I was taking the Shrinky Dinks out of the oven.

But actually, I think I’ll begin with the fact that I’m in Washington, DC right now for the National Press Club’s 33rd annual Book Fair and Author’s Night. It starts at 5:30 and if you’re in the hood, please come down and say hi. It’s a benefit for the SEED Foundation, whose publicly funded boarding schools help prepare underserved students for college. The Book Fair is helping to develop the school library at the foundation’s new Maryland campus.

Now for the sex statues…

Apparently our favorite playboy Prince is involved in yet another press-worthy lawsuit. This time he’s suing his former financial advisors for selling his Long Island estate for less than he thinks it was worth. One of the things stored on the estate (evidence which the Prince is hoping to suppress so as not to prejudice the jury) was a collection of life-sized erotic statues of himself and an old fiancé. My favorite article about the statues is from New York Magazine, mostly because it uses the word “jorts.” But you can also read about it in The New York Post and The Daily News, among others.

The statues are incredibly creepy and bizarre and have less artistic merit than the Shrinky Dinks. I swear I wrote a real memoir, but I get dragged into some pretty hilarious press as a result. If nothing else, the PR around Some Girls has taught me to keep a sense of humor about myself and not attach too much importance to reductive sound bites. If the press gets the book into someone’s hands, then I’m grateful for it. I’m confident that the actual text stands on its own.

Palate cleansing cute Halloween pictures to come.

3 thoughts on “Where to Begin

  1. That’s what I get for not checking your blog more often! Are you still in the DC area? Appearing somewhere else perhaps? I live in the DC metro area and regret missing the book fair yesterday…

  2. Im enjoying reading your book – great writing style and fascinating story. Im just up to the part about your calling from the ‘tatoo gods’ and have to make a correction – I am a maori myself and want to tell you – Maori are from NEW ZEALAND, not the jungles past Sarawak in Borneo. The closest Maori have ever got to the jungles of Borneo was during the wars when fighting the Japanese and of course on any visits on holiday to that wonderful place.

  3. Hi Claire-
    Thanks very much for pointing this out. Very sorry. I’m aware of the mistake and it’s been corrected in future printings. I was horrified that I wasn’t able to correct it before the first printing in New Zealand! Gad you’re enjoying the book.

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