Babies and Bombshells

T is crazy about the ladies. He’s wild about legs. He will regularly walk up to a teenage girl in a short skirt, hitch himself to her leg, and declare, “LEGS!!” It’s generally more hilarious than it is embarrassing. I sometimes wonder if it has anything to do with the Lady Gaga videos I let him watch as a baby.

No surprise then that his new obsession is the controversial Katy Perry/Elmo video (if you’re reading this on Facebook, see the video here: I think it’s playful and adorable. I guess the big issue with this is that she’s showing too much booby. Huh? I think kids can handle a little booby. We’re talking the same boobies that these kids were recently sucking on, right? I’m obviously not your average mom when it comes to stuff like this, but come on.

Whenever things like this come up, I can’t help but think about the depth of the love/hate relationship that our culture has with women’s bodies. We pathologically sexualize women’s bodies and then turn around and demonize them for it.

Katy Perry’s dress in the video is actually pretty tame. Frankly, she’d be sexy in a paper sack and I think it’s her sexiness that parents are reacting to and not the dress itself. As a parent, I’m a lot less concerned about a little sexiness in my son’s life than I am the rampant commercialism and militarism in children’s toys and media.

Now Elmo’s consistent nudity, that’s another story…


4 thoughts on “Babies and Bombshells

  1. Ok….I totally agree with you (as I most always do) that video is so cute! The people who are reacting are the same people who sadly were not raised with a healthy sexual awareness. Kids who are raised to believe that sex is wrong or dirty or whose parents completely avoid the topic all together become the reactors to innocent videos like this one. Tariku has nothing to worry about with you and Scott as parents! xoxoxo

  2. ….and btw…still working on my “santa” comment….think I will just email that one to you ok sugar? It’s a bit lengthy!

  3. We love katy Perry!Super cute video! Really though. I usually is the “moms” with the insecurities who complain about things like this. Too bad.
    My little man just loves boobs =) Good for him I say!

  4. Wow, do not even get me started on my soap box! How ridiculous it is that people continue to shame women’s bodies, which are the source of life… quite literally. You express the demonization of women’s bodies so well!
    I didn’t get to watch the video because my laptop’s got a glitch going on. I haven’t really liked Katy Perry that much so far, but now I’m curious about this video. In the frame that shows she looks scandalously scantily clad… NOT!
    I have the same kinds of feelings – would prefer children were normalized to the natural human body and its natural functions than to violence and consumerism…

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