Backstage Baby Riot


I rarely get all rock-wife and call Scott’s manager demanding tickets to something, but once in a while my deep sense of democracy is overturned and I pull out all the stops. Last Saturday was one of those times. By the time I looked up tickets for Yo Gabba Gabba’s “Party in my City,” there were only nose bleeders left, so I got on the horn. Next thing I knew we were at the wildest backstage party I’ve been at in years, at which a bunch of over-stimulated hipster toddlers were given free raisins and balloons and offered a chance to meet their Gabbaland pals. It was practically a baby riot.

The show was adorable and it was a hoot to see Biz Markie doing “Biz’s Beat” in person. T-bone was sort of stunned for the first half of the show, but by the end he was laughing and dancing like crazy. Scott got the trooper of the day award, as he went straight from Gabba to his own Blue Album show at the Gibson Amphitheater.

We made Lina Lecaro’s column in The Weekly. In the old days, I used to see Lina at clubs and burlesque shows. Now we’re bumping into each other in D.J. Lance Rock’s dressing room. I’m definitely better off now, even if my shoe selection isn’t quite as exciting.

I’m thrilled to report that D.J. Lance is an absolutely delightful guy. Tariku has been walking around for days saying that D.J. Lance called him “AWESOME.” T gave him a big kiss. It was too cute.

I started out as a no-TV-and-only-wooden-toys-made-by-diverse-elves-living-on-an-eco-commune kind of mom. But that was before I actually was a mom. No TV was a great theory that went out the window as soon as I came across the dilemma of having to cook dinner and watch a toddler at the same time. I know that some parents do just fine without the tube, but for me it’s a necessary evil. As far as necessary evils go, I have to say that Gabba is pretty darn fun.

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