You’ll Never Believe the Girl My Son Brought Home


I have an article on Parentdish today about Tariku’s obsession with Lady Gaga. As some of you may recognize, this essay is one that I wrote quite a while ago during a bleary midnight moment. I’m happy to report that we have way, way less of those moments these days. I actually had to drag T out of bed this morning in order to get him dressed for gymnastics. All the while he was hanging onto the pillow and demanding more snuggles. It was bliss.

Also defunct are those laundry loads of cloth diapers. Ah well. I tried.

Furthermore….he’s moved on to Neko Case. But I do sometimes wonder about his first love and whether or not she inspired his enduring fascination with exposed legs.

Anyway, read it here and leave comments about how totally funny and awesome I am. They’ll act as a counterbalance for the ones that will surely point out what a neglectful monster I am for allowing my son to watch music videos.

4 thoughts on “You’ll Never Believe the Girl My Son Brought Home

  1. I think it’s pretty cute. I would maybe start to worry if he was wearing steaks around the house… but thats down the road 🙂

    People are such fools, from what I gather (not that it even matters) you are marvelous parents.

  2. You are awesome and very, very funny. I lost track of your blog for a while – bookmark gremlins, apparently – and am so glad to have found you again.

    Lady Gaga, I would imagine, could keep your young man mesmerized for hours and hours – not always a bad thing. Check this out ( )for more counter mass market mama-ing types and do your thing. He is a lucky little guy – what a cool life he lucked into!

  3. I love the article! I have recently started following your blog and I always look forward to the updates. Tariku sounds like a bundle of awesomeness. 🙂 I too have an Ethiopian son that is a huge music lover. Those Ethiopian boys just have good style. Love your blog and I recently just bought your newest book so I’m looking forward to reading it!

  4. When my daughter was Tariku’s age she said “Mommy I just love Little Richard. I want to marry him.” her favorite shows were “Married with Children” and the “Golden Girls”. She’s now 25, college graduate and not at all screwed up. How’d that happen? Terah

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