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Moms need few things more than we need tote bags (except maybe stacks of $20 bills and bulk cartons of anti-anxiety herbs). And I’m a sucker for a good monogram. Just come look at my sheets and napkins if you don’t believe me. So I was thrilled when the folks at Simply Bags offered my peeps a monogrammed tote giveaway. Just leave a comment here at my blog before next Thursday 2/10 and I’ll throw your name in the hat. If you win, you can choose your monogram and your new tote might even arrive before your next trip to the farmer’s market/mall/playdate/doctor’s office etc etc.

21 Responses to 'Tote Giveaway!'

  1. Dorothy says:

    I have been reading about you and your fun experiences with raising your adorable son for a few months now. I even commented over at the Parenting website about T’s devotion to Lady Gaga! I think you’re doing an amazing job as a new mom and you write beautifully as well. One of these days I have to get around to listening to some of your hubby’s music! (Shhhh… don’t tell him I said that!)

  2. SixTailLights says:

    I <3 monograms, and I think this particular tote would be a lovely accompaniment to my Chihuahua’s new stroller.

  3. Virginia says:

    Hi, I just finished reading your book and came to check out your website. I’m excited you’re coming out with a new book soon! I have a toddler and a baby on the way and would love to win a tote bag to cart around all their stuff!

  4. Jane says:

    My daughter-in-law loves bags with monograms. She has two precious children who were adopted from Ethiopia. Please add me to your giveaway! Hope I win so I can pass the bag to her!

  5. Jen Ovadia says:

    I ? Monograms too! This bag is too cute & so practical, I would love to have my name thrown in for your giveaway. Thank you so very much! Much Peace & Love Sent Your Way ?

  6. Danielle M says:

    All right!! maybe I can get something manly for my husband to tote our toddlers stuff around in!

  7. Liz says:

    I read your book early last fall, before my world was turned upside down when I adopted my son (now 2). We could put a new bag to very good use!

  8. Deena says:

    I loved your book. I have two children, a 3 yr old daughter adopted from Central America & a 2 & 1/2 yr old bio-boy. I am super busy & overwhelmed most of the time. My daughter is potty trained but my son is not. That is next on our list! I am ready to move on from my not so fashionable diaper bag to something practical but not so obvious “mommy”.
    Pick me, pick me!!

  9. Bridget says:

    This is fantastic! :) Thank you! And I love your blog! :)

  10. Amanda says:

    Love it! We are a monogramming kind of family too! : )

  11. Leslie says:

    I would love to win a monogram bag! I enjoyed your book “My Life in a Harem” and can’t wait to read your new book “Pretty”. I love your posts on Tariku, he is absolutely adorable!

  12. melody says:

    Love your work and look forward to the new book.

  13. Rebecca says:

    I live in the south, so if its not monogrammed, you really can’t be seen with it in public

  14. jenn says:

    i love monograms now that im married. growing up, however, i loathed anything that required initials since my last name was hyphenated. JSRS? there was no 4-initial monogram option. now that im just JSS, monograms—and life—are all good.

  15. Betsy says:

    I love “Some Girls” – my book club is discussing it next week. Should be a great conversation. I plan to look for “Pretty” as soon as it comes out.

    Please throw my name in the hat for the tote. Thanks!

  16. Lacey Ann says:

    Would LOVE this for my mom! She has 5 kids with the youngest still in diapers!!!

  17. Jeff & Kay says:

    Ok… so can I get my sax in the tote bag? JCS would look sweet on the bag do you think?

    Give T a squeeze for me and tell him we’ll be out as soon as we can! Miss you 3 a lot!

  18. Sheilah says:

    reading your book and enjoy your blog :)

  19. Courtney says:

    I made it in time! I made it in time! I made it in time!

  20. Alyssa says:

    Like everyone else, I enjoy your blog and would like a tote bag. Thanks!

  21. Elaine R says:

    This bag would be great for my daughter’s new job!

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