Book Giveaway, Mate!


The mass market paperback of Some Girls was just released in Australia. The Aussies have been giving me much love and I thought I’d do a giveaway to celebrate. Leave a comment here with your favorite Aussie expression (or fun fact or animal or whatever) and I’ll pick two names. One of you will get the Australian trade paperback original and one will get the mass market edition. You’ll be the only one on your block to have one.

Beyond Consequences


Last weekend Scott and I attended the Beyond Consequences seminar, with Heather Forbes. Before we went, we bought her book, Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control: A Love Based Approach to Helping Children with Severe Behaviors. The book and the seminar undoubtedly contain the most impactful information I’ve yet encountered about parenting children who have suffered trauma.

I’ve shared some about what we’ve ben going through with T, but honestly I haven’t even scratched the surface. Believe me when I tell you that Scott and I have never in our lives despaired quite like this. Parenting trauma is confusing and isolating and sometimes all the amazing blogs in the world aren’t enough to make me feel validated. In this respect, the seminar was incredibly helpful.

I’d like to share probably the most illuminating shift in perspective that the seminar offered. I keep coming back to it.

The basic idea is to change the question from:

How do I get my child to change his behavior?


1. What is driving my child’s behavior


2. What can I do at this moment to improve my relationship with my child?

If you are parenting a child with severe behaviors, particularly one who has experienced some kind of trauma, I urge you to check out Heather Forbes.

Fish Snax


I want to share with you some of the hilarious spirit of my friend Jennifer. This was a page from her journal that was framed on the wall at her memorial, detailing her ideas for knuckle tattoos. Hard to pick a favorite, but I’m partial to FISH SNAX and THIS THAT.

Date Night



We had a fantastic date night on Saturday, when we attended Austin Young’s YOUR FACE HERE unveiled at PoptArt gallery. Guess who had his ridiculously adorable little portrait up there on the wall with Perez Hilton, Karen Black and Elvira (among others). He was so cute at the photo shoot that I was ready to change his nickname from T-Bone to Hambone.



It was the best party we’ve been to in a long time. Great music, amazing art, positive vibe all around. Austin’s photos are so arresting because he genuinely sees everyone through a wildly beautiful lens.

Here’s a pic of Austin and me. I wish that in my worst moments I could see myself through his eyes.


Oh wait, I can. He actually took my new author photo (coming soon to a book cover near you). How lucky am I? Here it is…