Date Night



We had a fantastic date night on Saturday, when we attended Austin Young’s YOUR FACE HERE unveiled at PoptArt gallery. Guess who had his ridiculously adorable little portrait up there on the wall with Perez Hilton, Karen Black and Elvira (among others). He was so cute at the photo shoot that I was ready to change his nickname from T-Bone to Hambone.



It was the best party we’ve been to in a long time. Great music, amazing art, positive vibe all around. Austin’s photos are so arresting because he genuinely sees everyone through a wildly beautiful lens.

Here’s a pic of Austin and me. I wish that in my worst moments I could see myself through his eyes.


Oh wait, I can. He actually took my new author photo (coming soon to a book cover near you). How lucky am I? Here it is…


4 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Oh Jillian….you are simply stunning!! Can hardly wait for the new book!
    Fabulous photo….love you.

  2. ~The perky boobs on your arm are hilarious!! OMGosh!!
    ~Damn Girl…motherhood has been good for you! You look great in the pic..I like the nature in the background.
    ~T’s smile must have lit up the place…it made me smile too 🙂
    ~What a Handsome Buck you have there!

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