And Another Thing…

I’ve received a lot of emails about the TODAY Moms article I wrote about not punishing T, many of them asking for more resources. I wanted to turn you on to the two places from which I crib most of my parenting ideas.

Alfie Kohn is amazing. I particularly love his book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards and Punishments to Love and Reason.

If you’re in Los Angeles, I also encourage you to check out The Echo Center (formerly the Center for Nonviolent Education and Parenting). Scott and I have learned so much there and continue to go for classes and support.

I also really appreciate those of you who disagree with me and are engaging in a respectful dialogue about it.

Also- I just wanted to demonstrate with this photograph that as a result of our nonviolent communication, our son has absolutely no sassy attitude at all. Um, right.

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5 thoughts on “And Another Thing…

  1. Hi Jillian! I really liked your piece – I found it through The Great Spank Out today. We are also non-punitive parents. Yesterday I wrote a primer and I plan to write more about it. It is rare that people are open-minded enough to consider non-punitive parenting, but when they are – yes, they often ask for resources

    Thanks again!

  2. I was inspired by your article, glad I found both the artile and blog. I just started reading unconditional parenting per your suggestion and am so excited that a parenting book finally resonates so deeply with me.

  3. Thanks for this! We don’t punish either, having read similar info other places – and also mostly from having a keen memory from childhood and that often kids are just doing what kids do – I used to get so angry being punished when I usually had no idea what I had done “wrong” and wasn’t given the tools to “behave”. So now we parent simply the way we want to be treated. And it works.

  4. I am reading Unconditional Parenting with a book club group and Alfie has me totally convinced. When I read your article my first thought was: “This is a person who has read Unconditional Parenting!”. 🙂

  5. I just started Kohn’s book and I am really enjoying it and starting to buy into his ideas about parenting. My husband and I will be starting the adopting process through San Bernardino county in the summer and we are looking forward to bringing home a son age 2-4. It is my hope that my husband and I can unconditionally parent him and love him no matter what. Thanks for the resources.

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