Being a working mom in a creative field has its own set of challenges. I’m lucky enough to work from home, but that has its pitfalls as well. When I’m with T, I’m often distracted with thoughts of work and when I’m working I’m concerned with the minutia of my domestic life. Neither sphere is served by my lack of focus.

I usually do some yoga, light a candle, try to create a separate work space from what three minutes before was actually my closet (it’s a big closet, but it’s still a closet). Lately it just doesn’t seem effective enough.

Does anyone have suggestions for how to put bookends around your work time?

4 thoughts on “Bookends

  1. I used to challenge myself to do the same. I tried setting office hours, creating a dedicated work area, developing rules about what I would do and when, etc. However, the creation and maintaining of these rules and separating these tasks was more stressful for me. I finally realized how fortunate I was that my work did not take my presence away from my family and that I could work whenever I could fit it in. I seem to be very productive as I have the sauce simmering for dinner, have my daughter doing her homework at the counter and have my laptop open on the table. As women we tend to be terrific multi-taskers. I just had to embrace this and get out of the traditional way of thinking that I needed uninterupted time to be productive. I find I am actually more creative when my mind is juggling all the balls. The trick is just picking back up the ones that fall and not getting down on myself for being perfect.

  2. Sometimes trying to have a designated creative schedule is just exhausting! I say whenever you feel particularly inspired, drop everything and create. Trying to create or write with a head full of more important things (such as your family) is less than inspiring. So take advantage of the times you feel motivated and get most of your work done then.

  3. Not an easy challenge, for sure. What I find to be helpful is putting on “work clothes” — getting out of my sweats or jeans and wearing something I wouldn’t wear while feeding strained carrots and spinach to a baby. The association between my clothes and my role is pretty strong for me.

  4. Just found your blog this morning! I have tried the designated space, designated work hours but found that removing myself from home or having my 4 yr old daughter out of the house (at a friend’s house or at the park with a relative) makes the work vs home distinction clearer. My daughter is also adopted and she thinks if I’m home then my world is revolving around HER even if someone else is there to care for her. So its better for all of us if we’re in separate locales when I have to work.

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