Holla at the Mamas

Yeah, I busted out that old picture again. I can’t help it- it’s the first picture of me as a mother. I’m still wearing the name tag we had to wear when we visited the orphanage.

Mother’s day is complicated for me, both as a mother and a daughter. I think that these sorts of holidays are rarely simple, but the complexity is magnified when adoption comes into the picture.

I have the mother who raised me, the mother who gave birth to me, the grandmother who inspired me and the many women who have mentored and cared for me over the years. So it’s a day for me to contemplate the ways they’ve affected my life, the losses and the blessings. It’s also a day for me to consider the ways that I’ve learned to mother myself as an adult.

Mother’s day is an opportunity to honor the women who cared for my son before I could- the mother who gave birth to him, the various women who nurtured him at the orphanage in Addis Ababa. My gratitude to them is immeasurable.

I feel very lucky that my story gives me a chance to see that there are many ways to mother.

Much love to all the mommas out there who inspire and support me every day.

4 thoughts on “Holla at the Mamas

  1. My husband bought your book for me for mothers day. He handpicked it because thought I’d love it and I do. I’d love to go on and on about this book and how much I admire your writing and honesty….but I have to go chase my 3 year old. Jill, I will read anything you wright. I cannot wait for your next book to come out. I hope you’re busy writing your 3rd in between chasing oyur son.

    from one Mama to another,


  2. I just read “Some Girls” which I picked up randomly at Boarders. I loved the story and could feel your emotions. I was kindof hoping for a little more “steamier” sex in the story though. I was also curious about your first tattoo. Not that I’m dying to see you Va-jj tattoo, but my husband and I have some tats and that one on your stomach sounded cool. Is it on your blog? Have you ever regretted getting them?

    Loved the book. Will read you next one in Aug.
    Wanda, 52 Eugene, Oregon

    • Well, I don’t exactly regret any of my tattoos, but I might make some different decisions if I had them all to do over again! But that’s the beauty of tattoos- you have to stand by and honor your choices.

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