Where Carrots Come From

Last week we managed to get our garden started, in spite of the fact that T went tearing down every aisle of the nursery and then seemed to only want to throw dirt up in the air rather than actually plant anything in it. But I was resolute that he see food actually grow out of the ground this summer.

Even though he showed limited interest in the initial venture, he keeps showing “his garden” to all of our visitors and he asks to water it every day. He’s particularly excited about the carrots we planted from seeds. I hope we get some sprouts.

I’m proud of us for getting it going. And at least I have him to blame if I kill everything again this year.

2 thoughts on “Where Carrots Come From

  1. Check out “The Carrot Seed” by Crocket Johnson if you haven’t already – awesome picture book!

    ps Loving the blog.

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