Big Dad Plays in Weezer

This picture was taken the last time Scott went out of town and is a fairly accurate representation of life at home when dad goes on tour. I think it would be hard for any toddler, but Tariku’s trauma history gives a real edge to his anxiety around Scott coming and going.

One of our counselors at The Echo Parenting and Education Center suggested that Scott make Tariku a book explaining why he goes away and that he will always come home. Scott spent hours on it last night and it’s a masterpiece. Here are a couple of my favorite pages.

He left this morning for three weeks. Say a little prayer for us.


Mater from Cars says, “Shoot!” Here is a reenactment, with some Wild Things improv thrown in at the end. Best. Video. Ever.

If you’re reading this on a feed, get your butt over to my blog and watch this if you need some cheering up.


19 years ago, I performed in a show in NY directed by Richard Foreman. There was this really cool intern on the show named Gary. Okay, his name was actually Bob, but for some reason I called him Gary for the entire run of the show. Whodathunk he’d be directing me in a performance piece in LA all these years later?

This has been our first week of proper rehearsals for Mother Tongue, which I’ll be performing at the Steve Allen Theater in Silver Lake on July 12 and 13 (get your tickets now!). It all feels very fast and furious. Here’s a picture of us in the rehearsal space. I think I look totally beat down and like I’m having a great time, which is a pretty accurate assessment of what the week has been like.

The Glamorous Life

I’ve been woefully remiss with this blog. Turns out writing and rehearsing a performance piece about motherhood while actually being a mom has been ridiculously exhausting. But I’ll make it up to you right now with some awesome pictures of T’s glamorous Hollywood life. Weezer did a song for Cars 2, so we got to go to the premiere. I love that T sat right in front of Eddie Izzard for his first movie in a theater.

Chasing him down the red carpet was a bit nerve-wracking, particularly since my dress choice turned out to be less practical than I anticipated. He kept pulling on the skirt, which would make it catch on my heel, which in turn would make my boob pop out. So I did a lot of holding my clothes on with one hand while trying to keep T from running into Hollywood Boulevard with the other. Very sexy stuff.

Here’s T on the red carpet. It was actually a black carpet made to look like a race track.

Once we were inside, he sat through the whole movie and absolutely loved it. It was a night to remember. He hasn’t stopped talking about it since. Here he is in his 3D glasses. And if that isn’t a rock star, I don’t know what is.