Big Dad Plays in Weezer

This picture was taken the last time Scott went out of town and is a fairly accurate representation of life at home when dad goes on tour. I think it would be hard for any toddler, but Tariku’s trauma history gives a real edge to his anxiety around Scott coming and going.

One of our counselors at The Echo Parenting and Education Center suggested that Scott make Tariku a book explaining why he goes away and that he will always come home. Scott spent hours on it last night and it’s a masterpiece. Here are a couple of my favorite pages.

He left this morning for three weeks. Say a little prayer for us.

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14 thoughts on “Big Dad Plays in Weezer

  1. Oh, that is hard. My husband was gone a lot when my children were young. We also used drawings to help them understand. Try to stay as rested as you can when flying solo. Wish I had more words of wisdom than that.

  2. What a cool idea to create a homemade book to share. I also love that the speakers in the illustration resemble Lego bricks.
    I will focus on positive thoughts for you.

  3. I don’t know if this would work for you guys at this stage, if it is age appropriate, but, a friend of ours calls home from tour and his son looks at a map (that they made together before Dad left) with the current tour route marked on it so he can see the spot “where” the Dad is and talk about where he is going/where he has been, etc. Thought it was a cute idea and a good way for his son to feel more connected to what his Dad is doing.

  4. Awww poor little T. 🙁 We’ll take good care of his daddy in Dublin – I think there may be a fish n chips chapter written in the near future!

  5. I understand you. My kids never show anxiety but their daddy sometimes travels for weeks and the days before we explain that to our children.

    We tell them bedtime stories about dad’s job as he is an adventurer prince who always come back home to tell his children amazing stories about their travels.

  6. J, Thank you for posting about this. As a musician (bassist like Scott)with a new baby girl(6 month old Riley), I’m concerned about how our schedules of living will affect our little one’s developing psyche. With my wife Jess working days now and me rehearsing and gigging nights we not only have little couple time but together family time. The idea of Scott’s book sparks some ideas. Seems like we need a bassists and their spouses support group (most of us seem to be FB friends). Thanks again! Howdy to Scott. Thoughts and prayers for you guys while he’s on the road.~Jon

    • I think that being around so much music is an amazing gift. I wouldn’t trade the showbiz life for anything. But it does have it’s drawbacks. Thanks for your kind words!

  7. would skype help, or just disappoint and interfere with the project of teaching that daddy goes away? (and comes back.)

    • We skype almost every day. I think at this point it helps. Although T got angry last time and told dad, “No come home! Stay in computer!”

  8. Another that may not be age appropriate
    Get them matching and synchronized watches (also makes for cool superhero fantasies)

    Set an alarm to go off at the same time on both watches

    When the alarms go off it will trigger a Pavlovian response for T to think of Daddy and vice versa

    This way T knows that every day they are thinking of each other at the exact same moment (like a mind hug that crosses oceans if need be)

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