19 years ago, I performed in a show in NY directed by Richard Foreman. There was this really cool intern on the show named Gary. Okay, his name was actually Bob, but for some reason I called him Gary for the entire run of the show. Whodathunk he’d be directing me in a performance piece in LA all these years later?

This has been our first week of proper rehearsals for Mother Tongue, which I’ll be performing at the Steve Allen Theater in Silver Lake on July 12 and 13 (get your tickets now!). It all feels very fast and furious. Here’s a picture of us in the rehearsal space. I think I look totally beat down and like I’m having a great time, which is a pretty accurate assessment of what the week has been like.

2 thoughts on “Rehearsals

  1. Wow – did not know anything about Jillian Lauren until I was fortunate enough to see the email from Steve Allen Theatre that was ironically in my “junk” mail announcing her Mother Tongue! My pal, Clay, who fondly calls herself the “play whore”, drove up from Long Beach on Tuesday, July 12 to see her fantastic performance and production!

    Needless to say I am a newfound FAN. She is an amazingly talented woman who has those rare qualities of writer, performer, singer, and obviously a devoted and caring mom. I purchased her “Some Girls” and can’t put it down. Looking forward to reading any and all books by Jullian and look forward to seeing her on the stage again too. Wow! Wow! Wow!!!

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