Hell on Wheels

Tariku’s first time on skates! I like to imagine this video set to the theme song from Xanadu. Watch through to the end to hear some baby profanity.

Seriously, this was the most fun we’ve had together in months, it seems. It was a really connected and special afternoon.

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5 thoughts on “Hell on Wheels

  1. He’s fearless – and so so happy. That’s something that really strikes me about T in videos, he’s seriously one of the most wildly happy kids I’ve ever witnessed. There’s a real joy in his eyes and he embraces life – I feel I could take a lesson or two from him!

  2. If you were to subtitle that video, what would the pronunciation look like for sh*t? This is awesome though, and it’s good to see he is wearing all of that safety gear!

  3. This is hilarious..Had to watch it a few days in a row just for a laugh. I love his profanity..he is like “whoa…shit!!” It is funny to see him turn around the first time he was about to fall…like something was in his way and tripped him.

  4. Awesome!! I’d love for you to go to Moxi Skates on 4th Street in Long Beach. Tell them I sent you and get him outfitted with old school quad rollerskates. 🙂 They give free skate lessons too and would love to set you up. Moxi has the wildest colors and styles in all price ranges for all budgets – and ask for Michelle the owner. Derby owned and operated and they are a great bunch. Rock on little guy!! See you in the roller derby!!

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