I’ve Got You

Most of the time, I think that Scott and I have professions that are great for parenting. We work hard when we work, but we’re also home a lot and have odd hours and periods of down time that most people with 9-5 jobs don’t have. But I’ve got to be honest with you and say that this summer has been a rough one.

Last summer we were both working like mad, but some stroke of good luck staggered our calendars. This year we’re both going with all guns blazing and Scott has been out of town more often than not. T has been dysregulated and anxious and has regressed into some of his more aggressive behaviors.

With this as a background, the sweet and connected moments (even when they’re few and far between) really come to the forefront for me. I try to stay emotionally present for them when they happen.

Today, for instance, T actually got into our friend’s pool with me. Usually he just stays on the stairs and splashes. When he put his arms around my neck, he said, “I’ve got you. You’re safe.”

Which leads me to believe that once in a blue moon, I actually say the right thing to him.

The other pic is from the circus. T’s first! It was hectic but it was a hoot.

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