First Pretty Spotting!

A friend just sent me this pic from a Barnes and Noble “New in Paperback” table. So I guess it’s on the shelves, even if it doesn’t come out officially until Tuesday.

Here we go…

5 thoughts on “First Pretty Spotting!

  1. I just bought my copy today from the Books A Million in Beaumont,TX!! So excited to finally read it . . . Some Girls was amazing!!

  2. I just finished the 2 days. Came online to see reviews to see what other people thought. I had no idea it was so new. Overall.. it makes me feel more sane than I thought I was. Jake.. what a nut. How could she even do it with that guy? ..anyways im 21.. an avid reader from virginia beach, va. I emjoyed the book. Just feel like my mind was thrown around after reading this tho? Can’t explain.. love how the author made the book her own and incorporated cosmetology school in here..

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