Steppin’ Out in My New Boots

The Texas Book Festival is a heartening event for a writer. There were splashy authors and passionate readers crawling all up and down Congress St. I got to meet a handful of my influences, which is a crazy thrill. Even more thrilling, they weren’t assholes.

I bought cowboy boots, stayed out until all hours, flirted with the guy at the Greek food truck (so sue me). I missed my family like crazy, but honestly I also enjoyed living this pretend late-night life for a few days.

I was honored to do the American Reinventions panel with Jennifer Niven and Kerri Reichs and the Porchlight Storytelling Series with Amy Waldman, Meg Wolitzer and Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts.

Here I am partying with Todd Zuniga, Chad Harbach, Mat Johnson and Sara Ortiz.

And on my night off, I got to hang with two of my oldest friends in the world. Cha and Miles and I got into some big trouble together back in Jersey. I could see the echoes of the kids they once were flash across their faces as their own kids raised hell together in the next room.

I miss them. And I miss who we were together sometimes- how passionate and how hopeful. And even when I recall the parts I don’t miss (the epic screwed-up-ness), I’m touched to think of how we went through it all together and now here we are- on a porch in Austin eating homemade pizzas by candlelight.

2 thoughts on “Steppin’ Out in My New Boots

  1. “sniff sniff” this made me tear up…what an honor for them to have a friend like you that actually acknowledges their place in your life. So sweet. There is something extremely special about old friends. Great pics..still lovin’ the bangs 🙂

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