For Crying Out Loud

The For Crying Out Loud podcast I did with Lynette Carolla and Stefanie Wilder-Taylor is up here at iTunes. I had a genuinely great time with these gals. I appreciated how seamlessly they wove together mom/life/work/marriage/writing conversation. Too often parenting conversation is compartmentalized and that’s not how we live- it’s not like being a mom happens in a separate universe and all of a sudden everything else becomes a hobby. So check it out- it was a treat talking to them and I hope you enjoy listening.

Also, for fun, here is the Other People podcast I did with The Nervous Breakdown’s Brad Listi a few weeks ago. Brad is a mensch and a great writer and is also a dad. This is more of a writing talk, but there are definitely some parenting nuggets scattered throughout. Other things talked about (according to the Other People website) include: youth, addiction, fearlessness, the difference between dull experience and dull writing, sex work, billionaire psychology, New Jersey, Vietnam, the Prince of Brunei, rehab, therapy, parenthood, beauty college, the Big Apple, LA, transcendental meditation, Weezer, discipline, sobriety, compulsive documentation, Instagram, the vibration of a publicity cycle, bowling, versatility, and acting.

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  1. I loved your interview on For Crying Out Loud. Your story was incredibly interesting, and inspiring! I will be buying your book as a Christmas present for myself. Good luck to you and your family!

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