Badonkadonka Bonkers

My solo show Mother Tongue opens in a week and as my mom blogger character Hope Silverstein would say- I’m going badonkadonka bonkers.

After way too many late nights and a few crying jags, Scott actually asked me if it would be easier if he and T went home for this last week and I could just concentrate on my work. Which is a very sweet offer from my uber-supportive man.

And the answer is- yes, of course it would be easier. But l don’t want them to go home. Because as hard as it is to be a working mom in a creative profession, I still wouldn’t trade waking up in the morning and seeing my son’s face. Or his hugs when I walk in the door. Or just the half-hour of laughing at Portlandia in bed with Scott at the end of the night. This is the fuel for my heart. And I need my heart. To work. To live. To make art.

Tariku has actually been coming to rehearsals a bit and that’s been a blast. He totally gets the, “This is my stage and that’s your stage,” concept. Plus we recorded sounds of him playing in the rehearsal space, which seem poignant and relevant to use in the soundscape of the show- considering that the show is about the story of how we came to adopt him.

Tariku is more of a little New Yorker every day. He can pretty much tell you how to get anywhere on the subway. He’s even better than the GPS on the iPhone, because he still works once you get underground.

Tell all your friends to get tickets for the show! It’s going to rock. And T will personally give you directions to Williamsburg.

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