Highlights from MOTHER TONGUE

Here are some highlights from the recent NY performance of my solo show, MOTHER TONGUE. For those of you who haven’t heard me go on about it ad nauseam already, the show is a multi-character, autobiographical piece revolving around the themes of adoption, blood, tribe and identity. It follows my circuitous journey to get pregnant and, when that proves unsuccessful, to adopt T in Ethiopia.

Hang in until the end for some awesome pics of T. That’s one way to get your kids to be enthusiastic about your creative endeavors- include giant projected pictures of them.

Hope you enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Highlights from MOTHER TONGUE

  1. Jillian

    I am interested in your reference to “Maori” in this, in front of panels that seem to represent Maori Moko.

    So presumably you are talking about an experience with someone who claimed to be a Maori fertility expert.

    I just finished reading “Some Girls” and in it you incorrectly refer to Maori as comming from Sarawak. Of course, Maori are from New Zealand and I live in Rotorua, NZ, the centre of Maori culture.

    You seem to have a thing about Maori… I am interested.

    • Yes- you’re right. I saw a Maori tribal healer, who attempted to address my fertility issues. Unfortunately, though, the Maori reference in the book was inaccurate (as you already stated). I changed it to Iban tribes in subsequent printings!

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