T-Bone is Four Today!

Today is T’s actual birthday, but we celebrated on Sunday. Last year, I fought for our right to party. This year, I just called his two besties three days in advance and had them meet us at Descanso Gardens. We chowed Babycakes gluten-free brownie cake (best. ever.) and then let the boys ride the train until they almost threw up.

That was it, folks. And it was such a great, sun-dappled, mellow day.

I could say all that stuff- I can’t believe how big he is. He’s growing up so fast. Blah blah. And it’s all true. But mostly, his birthday stuns me because I look at him and think how much he survived to get here. I marvel at the resilience of his joyful heart. It’s the honor of my life to witness the miracle that is him in this world.

2 thoughts on “T-Bone is Four Today!

  1. I like them all, the over-the-top and the off-the-cuff parties, and I too think, looking at my boy, how much, how much, and not that he just survived but how much the terrible stuff has, in this life here before me, become so much grace and beauty. I think that with T too, a marvel, and with you, sweet Jilly, how much pain has grown into such beauty of mind and spirit. A magic.

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