A Lot Like Spring

Happy Easter or Passover or pagan fertility rites or whatever you got up to this weekend. I demonstrated my poor assimilation skills by not knowing that you dye the eggs on Saturday rather than Sunday (sue me- I only just got the Christmas tree thing down). So we settled for chocolate in plastic eggs, which is totally better anyway because of the chocolate part.

I still feel kind of guilty every time I tell T some big lie- like the Easter Bunny. But lie I did:

Oh gosh, you just missed him. He hopped through here so fast….

All the popular parents were doing it.

It was nice to spend the gorgeous day with family and a few friends. T did really well. He wanted so badly to be with the other kids that he managed to go a whole day without hitting or biting. He definitely paid the price for all that self control and unspooled into an hour-long screaming meltdown once we got back to the house, but that was to be expected. I sat with him until he exhausted himself. At least he didn’t throw up this time. Any holiday without barf is a successful holiday.

Sundress weather and flowers all over the hillside and the first figs on our trees. It’s officially spring.

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