Bodies Speak

I saw this video a week or so ago and it keeps coming back to me in flashes. I love these women.

A couple of weeks ago in the NY Times there was an interesting debate about the legalization of prostitution. For the record, I stand firmly in the legalization camp. But this video reminds me that while legalization is a fine place for the discussion to start, it’s hardly where it should end.

Healthcare. Safety. Trafficking. Indeed, these are the most pressing issues.

But I’m also interested in shining a light into the soul of the thing. Bodies as currency, as communication, as electrical conductors. Bodies as objects, as vessels, as recording devices. Bodies as rentals, as shrines, as homes.

One thought on “Bodies Speak

  1. Interesting discussion. I was pro-legalization until recently, when I read an article about how in Spain, where prostitution is legal, almost all the prostitutes are now trafficked from Eastern Europe. This has changed from 20 years ago when 90% of prostitutes were Spanish women presumably working voluntarily. Scary stuff.

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