The Night Max Wore His Wolf Suit

I imagine that Maurice Sendak‘s spirit rose so fast, so high, buoyed by the collective love of the children in all of us.

My grandmother, a children’s librarian in the Newark, NJ school system, knew Sendak a bit. I took the signed copy of Higglety Pigglety Pop! that has followed me since my own childhood off the shelf this morning.

I have so little family right now and I often feel rootless, cast adrift. As if I’m still sailing in and out of weeks, somewhere in between the place where the Wild Things are and Home. But I held the book in my hands, a corner of it chewed by a much-loved puppy years ago, and thought of the moment it passed from Sendak’s hands and into my grandmother’s. The man who wrote the book passing it to the woman who taught me to love reading. And now it sits on my son’s bookshelf.

I have these books to give. I never need feel rootless at all.

3 thoughts on “The Night Max Wore His Wolf Suit

  1. LOVE the wolf suit, your son makes a beautiful Max! Can I ask where you found it (or did you make it yourself?) This is my goal for Halloween this year… Have been mulling it over for my son’s first three Halloweens…

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