Day 1: Mother Tongue Rehearsals…

Countdown to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

I started rehearsals yesterday. The delightful Matt McRay has been kind enough to let me rehearse at Son Of Semele Theater. I’m working alone until my director DJ Mendel shows up from NY next week and it’s a lonely thing to walk into a theater solo and face the first day of stumbling through rusty lines and characters that have become strangers and staging that no longer works. It’s enough to make you want to take a nap, go get a yogurt, check your email again, stretch some more. Anything but face the doubts and the work and the doubts about the work that inevitably arise.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the a-mazing (see it as soon as humanly possible) documentary I just saw about Marina Abromovic, The Artist in Present. In it she says, “The artist has to be a warrior, to conquer not just new territory but himself and his weaknesses.”

To the battlefield…

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