What We’re Listening To…

Stevie Wonder is T’s newest obsession and this is his favorite song.

One of the great things about having kids is that you get to re-discover artists like Stevie Wonder. I got emotional hearing Scott tell T about Stevie Wonder’s disability- how it helped make him a great musician by forcing him to listen more closely to the world than most people do. T is talking about the senses in school this week, so it was a perfect teaching moment.

Added bonus: there are few cuter things than tiny boys with big afros jumping around singing, “BABY, everything is alright. Uptight! Outtasight!”

2 thoughts on “What We’re Listening To…

  1. Hi Jillian! I am a HUGE Stevie Wonder fan! I had to tell you that this post had perfect timing for me! I just said the other day that it is so much fun to listen to my vinyl records with Izze as she is really into Elton John right now! When I was a kid, my favorite cousin and I would listen to Bennie and the Jets and Crocodile Rock over and over singing and dancing to my aunts records. When I put that on and sing and dance with Izze I am reminded of those memories and it is so awesome! When Izze was right around T’s age we got a book from the library that she loved and it made such an impression on her because she still recognizes a Stevie tune and it so quick to recall facts of his life and disability…you should see about getting a copy for Tariku. http://www.amazon.com/Little-Stevie-Wonder-Quincy-Troupe/dp/0618340602#reader_0618340602

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