Words, Even When There Aren’t Any

An essay about my visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau is on The Rumpus today.

It took me a long time to write the essay. I started it twelve different ways and nothing I wrote seemed to express my experience with any degree of emotional truth. But sometimes when words aren’t enough, we have to write them anyway. Because silence isn’t the answer either.

Happy Hanukkah. It’s a holiday about bringing light into the year’s darkest days. I wish light and love to you all tonight.

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One thought on “Words, Even When There Aren’t Any

  1. Jilllian- We visited Dauchau this summer and I felt many of the same feelings as we walked past the gas chambers, the showers, the barracks. It is a horrific site and truly sends chills down your spine. I always remember that scene from Sophie’s Choice where she has to hand over one of her children and wonder what would I do, what could I do?
    I’m also touched by how your words and worries about Auschwitz are so parallel to the tragedy in Connecticut. It’s so hard as a parent to realize we can’t protect our kids from all the evils that lurk out there. Sometimes the best we can do is to hug them and love them and give them an innate sense of security as they make their way through this world.

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