Magical Muddy Birthday




I spent my birthday with old friends and new, sunning ourselves like lizards on the flat sandstone rocks on the banks of Abiquiu Lake. I am not usually a birthday person, but I had this odd thing happen. I was happy today. Like, heart too big for your chest kind of happy. Like, wade into the lake and look up at the Pedernal mountain and thank God for your blessings out loud kind of happy.

We swam out to the island in the middle of the lake, covered our bodies with mineral mud and just basked there topless, looking like blue-grey sea creatures, until we made our way back to the rocks. We spent the rest of the afternoon reading poetry and painting with watercolors and eating cheese. It was pretty much perfect. Every once in a while life gifts you a day that you couldn’t have written.

Even if my boobs did get a little sunburned.

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