Thanksgivukkah: Gratitude and Light


Remember this guy? Remember how adorable and yet how incredibly challenging he was for a while there? It seems he slept for a total of about 5 hours in 3 years. My body was more decorated with bite marks than it was with tattoos. And I have a lot of tattoos.


Well, here he is in his first school play. I didn’t mess with the picture at all to create that effect. The way the light fell in the room made him glow. He stood there like a champ, looking calm and proud, and when his turn came, he flashed that giant smile and gave ’em the Tariku razzle dazzle and got the only laugh in the whole show.

And another thing….

Remember her?

andrea b:w

If there was a way to leave bite marks on the world, she would have. I always understood my son, with all his wildness and fear and anger. I had the same thing, for a long time. We’re both a little better now.


T is quite a cook these days and he asked for a chef’s hat for Hanukkah. We have been cooking up a storm. This is really the first year we’ve done much Hanukkah celebrating, as it usually seems to get lost in the shuffle and holiday stress. But it’s easier for me now somehow. It’s not so laborious as it once was to have a few people over for dinner and light the candles. There is a bit more ease to my days. Not because I’m less busy, but because I’m less of a basket case.


This holiday season, I am thankful for healing and change. And for patience, when I have it. And for faith, which is there even when you think it isn’t.


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