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I have a guest post up today at the 28 Days of Play blog, over at Rachel Cedar’s You Plus 2 Parenting. It’s a cool series, in which writers and bloggers answer the question, “Do you play with your kids?”

Here’s a teaser:


I spent my brief stint in college studying something called experimental theater. I loved theater class, but it did involve some pretty goofy activities. For instance, we spent hours rolling around on the floor, stretching and making weird kind of moaning/screeching/mooing noises in an attempt to find our “neutral voice.” Also, there was lots and lots of staring into people’s eyes and crying. And no class was complete if it didn’t end with a group massage.

After training like that, I figured I’d be the awesomest, most creative, least-inhibited mommy on the block. I mean, no one can bust out some improvised Shakespeare or sing the entire score of West Side Story quite like this mom.

As Peter Pan said, “Growing up is awful-er than all the awful things that ever were…”

I lived by that creed. I was convinced I’d never grow up. That I’d always hold sacred that spirit of playfulness I believe is essential to life as an artist. I vowed I’d never turn into my parents. See where this is going?…

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