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Ted X

Media Reel


Good Morning America

PRETTY Trailer

The SOME GIRLS Trailer



The Because Show

Episode 11: Fast Times in Brunei, December 10, 2011
Author Interview with Jillian Lauren
with Jerilyn Deaver

Other People Podcast

Interview with Jillian Lauren, November 6, 2011
with Brad Listi

WHBF Radio

With Meredith Myers: Featuring Jillian Lauren, September 30, 2011

This American Wife

Episode 8, with special guests Justine Bateman and Jillian Lauren, July 27, 2010
with Eric Martin

Oprah Radio

Dating a Prince, June 22, 2010
with Dr. Laura Berman

Rumpus Radio

Rumpus Radio episode 3, featuring Po Bronson and Jillian Lauren, June 14, 2010
with Stephen Elliott and Issac Fitzgerald

Howard Stern

THE PRINCE’S #2 GIRL, May 25, 2010
with Howard Stern

NPR: Airtalk with Larry Mantle

May 18, 2010

In Bed with Susie Bright 438: Harem Girl Secrets: One Man, Forty Women, 2010
with Susie Bright

Drinks with Tony Podcast

with Tony DuShane


The Anti Room

Not Just Some Girl, June 2, 2011
by Clare Kleinedler

The Rumpus

Conversations With Writers Braver Than Me #6: Jillian Lauren, December 10, 2010
by Sari Botton

Book Fetish

Some Girls: My Life in a Harem: Jillian Lauren, July 29, 2010
by Renee C. Fountain

Drinking Diaries

Interview with Jillian Lauren, author of the memoir “Some Girls: My Life in a Harem,” July 21, 2010
by Leah


Interview: Jillian Lauren, author of Some Girls: My Life in a Harem, July 13, 2010
by Twanna A. Hines


Elle’s Lettres: June, Our Readers’ Nonfiction Picks for the Month, June, 2010


Some Girls: My Life in a Harem, June 2010
by Emma Kat Richardson

Miami Herald

Review — Some Girls: Former harem girl for a prince tells all, June 7, 2010
by Christine Thomas

The Portland Mercury

I Dream of Jillian: Life in an Asian Harem as Seen by a New Jersey Teen, May 20, 2010
by Courtney Ferguson


Tales of Sex and Insight: How a Smart Girl From the ‘Burbs Ended Up in a Harem in Faraway, Wealth Brunei, May 17, 2010y
by Don Hazen


Exclusive Interview: Jillian Lauren’s Harem Life in “Some Girls,” May 10, 2010
by Violet Blue

Glo: MSN

True Life: I Lived in a Harem, May 9, 2010
by Natasha Burton

Marie Claire

My Life In A Harem, an interview with Jillian Lauren, April, 2010
by Anna Maltby

INsite Magazine

Book Review: Some Girls: My Life in a Harem, April 29, 2010


True Tales from a Former Harem Girl, April 27, 2010
by Lisa Johnson Mandell

Los Angeles Times

Sunday Conversation: Jillian Lauren, April 25, 2010

Los Angeles Times

LA Times Review of Some Girls, April 25, 2010
by Susan Salter Reynolds,0,6024749.story

LA Weekly

Been There. Done What?!, April 15, 2010
by Gendy Alimurung

Library Journal

Short Takes: 24 Spring Memoirs, January 21, 2010
by Tania Barnes, Elizabeth Brinkley, Lauren Gilbert & Lynne Maxwell

New York Post

My Nights at the Harem
by Susannah Cahalan, December 27, 2009.


The Rumpus

The Rumpus Interview with Jillian Lauren, November 16, 2011
by Tony DuShane

BookRoom Reviews

An Interview With Jillian Lauren: Author of Pretty, October 27, 2011
by Christina Zawadiwsky

Portland Book Review

Jillian Lauren Interview October 22, 2011
by Diane Prokop,

The Austin American-Statesman

Writer Moves from Memoir to Fiction for ‘Pretty’ October 19, 2011
by Kathy Blackwell

BookRoom Reviews

Pretty Book Review, October 10, 2011
by Christina Zawadiwsky


Book Review of Pretty
by Michael Cart, Pg. 23(1) Vol. 107 No. 22

Huffington Post

From Pretty Harem Girl to Bestselling Author, September 18, 2011
by Jeff Rivera

MSN Lifestyle

Gotta Have It – 9/8: The Dark Side, September 8, 2011

New York Journal of Books

Pretty, A Novel, August 30, 2011
by Carol Brill

Book Fetish

Review of Pretty, by Jillian Lauren, August 16, 2011
by Renee C. Fountain

The Nervous Breakdown

Review of Pretty, by Jillian Lauren, August 3, 2011
by Leah Tallon

Los Angeles Magazine

Author Spotlight, August 2011
by Amy Wallace

Other Press:

Jillian Lauren on great books and creating a literary community
by Carolyn Kellogg, April 11, 2014

The New York Times 6th Floor Blog

The Greatest Stories Ever Told Can Now Be Read, Too (The Moth Anthology)
by David Vecsey, September 3, 2013

The Chicago Tribune

Editor’s Choice (The Moth Anthology)
by Elizabeth Taylor

New York Times: Sunday Book Review

‘The Cool School,’ ‘XO Orpheus’ and ‘The Moth’


Authors Who Happen To Be Mothers Talk That ‘Selfish’ Writing Life In Time For Mother’s Day, May 11, 2013
by Koa Beck

Lunch Ticket

Interview: Jillian Lauren, Author and Memoirist
by Lise Quintana

The New York Times Sunday Book Review

Writing From America’s Hip Underground

Edited by Glenn O’Brien

The New York Times: The 6th Floor

The Greatest Stories Ever Told Can Now Be Read Too
By David Vecsey

Chicago Tribune: Lifestyles

Editor’s Choice
By Elizabeth Taylor

The Moth

The Moth – 50 True Stories
A List of Press for the Book