These Birks Are Made For Walking


I’m old school. I believe that when you’re schlepping your tushie halfway across the European continent, you should do it in a pair of Birkenstocks. So I took this pair on their virgin voyage today in preparation for tomorrow’s journey. You fashionistas out there will be happy to know that I’m at least foregoing the backpack.

I leave tomorrow for a press tour that will take me to Amsterdam, Antwerp, Vienna, Bratislava and Hamburg and I’m having wildly mixed emotions about it. I’m a girl with a nomadic soul and I love a good adventure, but I’ve never had to leave my heart behind before now. I know that T-Bone will have an amazing time with daddy and I’m not worried about them. But every time I think about it, I have a feeling like I’ve been kicked in the gut.

I’ve had a fun couple of weeks leading up to this, though. I did my final L.A. area Some Girls readings and I definitely went out in style.


In Laguna Beach, I had a reunion with Sierra Sky and Shawna Kenney, both of whom attended the writing workshop in which I first dipped my toes into autobiographical material. They’re soul sisters and it felt like coming full circle to be together again. Shawna and Cara Bruce were there with their anthology, Robot Hearts: True and Twisted Tales of Seeking Love in the Digital Age, and I shared the night with a number of talented contributors.

The 24 Hour Literary Marathon at The Writer’s Junction was an unusual and cool event in a really great building that acts as an affordable shared workspace for writers. The Writer’s Junction is described on their website as a place “where you can work in splendid isolation, within a supportive community.” If they open a Writer’s Junction on the East Side, I’ll be their first member.


Erin Tavin and Steffie Nelson’s Little Birds #3 at Tavin Boutique in Echo Park was also a magical night. Just look at the place. It was truly a treat to meet the very talented and lovely Janelle Brown. Plus, I wound up buying some fantastic gypsy dresses. How many reading venues send you home with a new wardrobe?


Last night was my swan song at Vermin on the Mount. I felt kind of sad and strange afterwards, maybe because of the way the way that endings never feel like endings. Probably because they usually aren’t.

So that’s all the latest memoir news. Don’t know how much time I’ll have to blog while I’m in Europe, but I’ll certainly see you on the other side with more pictures than you care to see.

I had better hop off now because Scott and I have about four minutes in between him returning from his tour and me leaving for mine. And not to be crude, but nothing says “I want some action” quite like a new pair of Birkenstocks. Men go crazy for ’em.

Last Chance(s)


I’m participating in four L.A. area events in the next two weeks and after that I’m taking the post-its out of my copy of Some Girls and putting it on the shelf for a while. I’m reading with some great people, so if you haven’t come to see me read yet and are looking for a fun night out, I’d love to see you at one or all of them. You can look at my facebook events page for complete details.

The first is this Friday at 7pm at Laguna Beach Books. I’ll be reading with Shawna Kenney, Cara Bruce, Shira Tarrant and other fantastic authors who contributed to the Robot Hearts anthology.

This Saturday I’ll be taking the 7:20pm slot at the 24 Hour Literary Marathon. All L.A. based poets, writers, and muscians are invited to help celebrate The Writers Junction shift to 24-hour access. There are still some slots left so get on board. Bonus- I’ll have the baby with me because I couldn’t find a sitter. He always spices up any party.

Next Thursday the 29th at 7pm, I’ll be reading at the Little Birds series at Tavin Boutique in Echo Park, with the fabulous Janelle Brown and Mandy Kahn.

Finally, I’ll be reading at the sixth anniversary of Vermin on the Mount on Sunday August 1st, 8pm at The Mountain Bar. Also reading will be Aaron Burch, Amelia Gray, Lindsay Hunter and Adam Novy.

The picture above is from the reading I did in NY last week at Rachel Kramer Bussel’s In The Flesh. It was a great crowd and the other readers were outrageous. It was particularly fun to meet the very talented Twanna A. Hines, who had interviewed me for SMITH Magazine the week before. I also really enjoyed the fact that Jo Weldon got her editor’s assistant to participate in a pastie demonstration.


In the Flesh readers from left to right are Jo Weldon, Rachel Shukert, Kevin Allison, moi, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Twanna A. Hines and Jerry Portwood.