Do the Twist

Maybe it was because Scott was out of town and it was one of those mornings with T that seemed to stretch on forever, but I got inspired to try a new ‘do. It was pretty spontaneous and as a result my sections were messy and uneven at the beginning. I also probably could have gotten some product suggestions, although our Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding worked just fine. Next time I do it, I’ll consult one of the awesome websites geared to white mommies/back hair, like Happy Girl Hair. I’ll also plan for it taking longer than I originally thought. This took about an hour. And T loves nothing better than sitting still for an hour. Actually, we had to bust out the Yo Gabba Gabba about five minutes into it.

The result: ridiculously cute. I don’t have quite as many hair options as my friends with girls, but it was still fun to change his look around. Next stop, cornrows.