Star Spangled Babes


Check out this article from today’s New York Times about Operation Bombshell, the burlesque class my friend Lily Burana teaches to fellow army wives with deployed husbands.

The story of how she came to teach such a class is beautifully told in her latest memoir, I Love a Man in Uniform. One of the things that blew me away about the book was how thoroughly I was able to imagine myself in her shoes.

My husband was a Marine and it informed a lot of who he is today. A couple of years ago, Weezer played at the old Naval Air Station in Alameda, where Scott had been stationed once upon a time. It was really moving for him to come full circle like that, to be living out his dreams in the same place that they once seemed unattainable.

I Love a Man in Uniform is a story about a woman’s struggle to integrate the different facets of herself and to find a way to feel whole in the world. In many ways, I believe that 2010 is going to be all about that same struggle for me. I hope I can pull off an outcome as graceful as Lily’s.

Here’s a picture of me from my burlesque days- just to prove that there was a time I didn’t live in t-shirts encrusted with boogers and applesauce.