Last Chance(s)


I’m participating in four L.A. area events in the next two weeks and after that I’m taking the post-its out of my copy of Some Girls and putting it on the shelf for a while. I’m reading with some great people, so if you haven’t come to see me read yet and are looking for a fun night out, I’d love to see you at one or all of them. You can look at my facebook events page for complete details.

The first is this Friday at 7pm at Laguna Beach Books. I’ll be reading with Shawna Kenney, Cara Bruce, Shira Tarrant and other fantastic authors who contributed to the Robot Hearts anthology.

This Saturday I’ll be taking the 7:20pm slot at the 24 Hour Literary Marathon. All L.A. based poets, writers, and muscians are invited to help celebrate The Writers Junction shift to 24-hour access. There are still some slots left so get on board. Bonus- I’ll have the baby with me because I couldn’t find a sitter. He always spices up any party.

Next Thursday the 29th at 7pm, I’ll be reading at the Little Birds series at Tavin Boutique in Echo Park, with the fabulous Janelle Brown and Mandy Kahn.

Finally, I’ll be reading at the sixth anniversary of Vermin on the Mount on Sunday August 1st, 8pm at The Mountain Bar. Also reading will be Aaron Burch, Amelia Gray, Lindsay Hunter and Adam Novy.

The picture above is from the reading I did in NY last week at Rachel Kramer Bussel’s In The Flesh. It was a great crowd and the other readers were outrageous. It was particularly fun to meet the very talented Twanna A. Hines, who had interviewed me for SMITH Magazine the week before. I also really enjoyed the fact that Jo Weldon got her editor’s assistant to participate in a pastie demonstration.


In the Flesh readers from left to right are Jo Weldon, Rachel Shukert, Kevin Allison, moi, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Twanna A. Hines and Jerry Portwood.


What is Feminist Sex Anyway?

On Wednesday, I read for the second time at the In The Flesh reading series at the Hustler Store. The evening was moderated by my friend Shira Tarrant and the theme was “Feminist Sex.” I read a segment of my upcoming memoir, the glorious Michele Matheson read the awesome first chapter of her new novel (dancing fairies, failed suicides, masturbating ghosts, good times all around) and Shira read from her latest Huffington Post blog. Pasties off to Shira for fielding perhaps the only taboo topic in Hustler Hollywood: is it in fact “hip to strip” or are there some real problems with the prevalence of the commodification of women’s bodies in our culture? Shira has come under fire for daring to suggest such a thing in her world of “post-feminist” pro-sex work academia, but she’s unflinching about taking it to the streets- even if that street is Sunset Blvd. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely pro-sex worker. But I think we’re at a point in the evolution of feminist thought at which we can start to dialogue about the ways that sex work serves women as well as the ways that it doesn’t. What better place to start than in the Hustler store.

The picture above is of Michele and me in front of the quaint little magazine stand in the cafe. Yes, that’s a giant white chocolate penis in the background.

Hustling on Sunset

485946018_61a2c4fc6a1.jpgI read at the In the Flesh reading series, with Antonia Crane, Tina Dupuy, Michael Lyn and Devan Sagliani. The event, featuring “provocative” material, is hosted monthly by Stan Kent at the Hustler Hollywood store. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I think the environment made for a fun vibe. It’s hard to be to self-serious when you’re reading next to sequined Hustler baseball caps and books like Sex for Dummies. The cafe was cute and the crowd was rowdy and I think Scott snuck away and bought a book of some kind, but I can’t be sure. Another benefit of the Hustler store- you can take shopping breaks.

I had such a good time that I went absolutely crazy and dragged the lovely and talented Michele Matheson to Allison Burns’ birthday party at Bardot. Such nice lighting fixtures in that joint. Does it mean my clubbing days are over when I’m looking at the lighting fixtures on the wall rather than the models draped over the furniture?